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A guided tour with international cheese expert and foodie Juliet Harbutt is an adventure. “Do you like jam?” she quizzes her passengers while ducking into a side street, “we need to stop here quickly at this berry farm.” “Let's nip into Te Mata; their fig paste is divine.” “Let's pull over here; there are some swans I want you to meet.” Juliet's Hunter Gatherer and Cheese and Wine Experiences are tailored to her guests and always a little bit different. “I create unique tours full of wonderful memories. You have so much to choose from in Hawke's Bay, it can be overwhelming.” Most tours end up at her house overlooking the Black Barn vineyards for cheese tastings with matching wines, and it's impossible not to learn something new. “I tell my guests the story behind the cheeses, and we learn the basic varieties and the correct names. People are often surprised when I tell them the cheese they have been calling camembert is not actually camembert.” Juliet returned to New Zealand in 2016 after three decades in Britain, where she became one of the world's leading fromage experts, launching the British Cheese Awards. She's pleased to be home celebrating the best flavours of the Hawke's Bay, which she believes is New Zealand's most diverse food region. “It really is the food and wine destination. There is such a variety of fruit and vegetables: cherries, pomegranates, avocados you name it.” 021 074 7856,