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Two miniature horses called Romeo and Juliet rule the farmyard at the Cottages on St Andrews. The cute little ponies keep the other animals in this familyfriendly accommodation and petting zoo in line. Alpacas Machu and Picchu, cows Daisy and Daphne, kunekunes Steve and Al, lambs Eenie, Meenie, Miney and Mo, and pigs Inky, Winky, Pinky and Stinky are very obliging to kids who come up to the fence for pats. There are six stand-alone cottages set in this 4ha apple orchard, plus a lodge that sleeps 24. The variety of accommodation makes it an ideal base for large families visiting the Hawke's Bay for weddings or events. Di Ross runs the accommodations with her husband John and son Dan and his wife, Kate. Di wasn't always the sort of person who named her animals; she grew up on a 1000ha farm near Upper Hutt and later ran a farm of 800 pigs, then worked in the call-centre industry for 28 years before falling in love with the Bay. “It's so lovely to see the kids being able to play with the animals and to watch them pick an apple from a tree.” 14 St Andrews Road, Havelock North. (06) 877 1644,