Middle Earth Adventure Park



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In Waitārere's south forest, hidden just enough to be fun to find, is Middle Earth Adventure Park. While the fun here bears scant link to Tolkien's world, the forest gives it a definite Mirkwood vibe. Kids can climb, swing and ride on all kinds of equipment that have been No8-wired-up from various everyday appliances and equipment. Pretend to zip across the ocean on an old jet ski, or haul in a fish from a dinghy that's now a swing. To get there, park right at the south end of Rua Avenue, go through the gate and turn left. (Ignore Google, which says it's right by the gate — it's not.) Walk for about 300m to find the park, just into the trees. The trip — fully accessible with buggies — will take children past the Fairy Garden, with its vast collection of garden gnomes, toadstools, fairies and brightly coloured curious animals. Like the Middle Earth Adventure Park, the Fairy Garden has been created by fanciful locals.