Waipoua Walks



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A well-marked car park just south of Tāne Māhuta provides access to three excellent walks of varying lengths. YAKA'S WALK: Yaka's Walk is a 3.4km loop through thick kauri forest. It enters Cathedral Grove, a sky-touching stand of kauri, before finding Yaka's Kauri, a tree slightly further down the "large" list (7th) but just as impressive. The easy walk takes approximately 80 minutes but, as of mid-2020, is closed due to kauri dieback concerns. TE MATUA NGAHERE: Te Matua Ngahere is the silver medalist to Tāne Māhuta's gold. The Father of the Forest is thicker/girthier than Tāne but is 20m shorter. It's also older, at an estimated 2000 years. The track is 730m long and takes about 20 minutes each way. FOUR SISTERS WALK: As of mid2020, the Four Sisters walk is also temporarily closed to protect against dieback. When open, a short 350m loop walk leads to a family of four towering kauri trees. The trees may be more than 500 years old and are thought to have come from the same seed pod.