Trounson Kauri Park



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Trounson Kauri Park is a 586ha section of native forest, including kauri with roots far older than any settler footprints. DOC classes Trounson as a “mainland island”, and has taken every effort to eradicate pests and protect the kauri forest for the past 25 years. The park hums with wildlife, even if said wildlife is particularly good at hide and seek. Trounson shelters the highest density of north island brown kiwi in Northland, as well as a birdwatcher's checklist of natives. Kerurū, tūī, fantails and ruru keep watch over their patch, accompanied by kauri snails and the rare pekapeka (bats, and New Zealand's only native land mammals). Visitors can explore the forest by day or at night. There's a 1.6km-loop walk that winds through bush, over streams and around stoic, solemn kauri trees. Investigate during the day, then join the Night Kiwi Walk, run by the nearby Kauri Coast Top 10 Holiday Park, for a completely different experience. The walk departs at dusk and takes about 2 hours. Local guides delve into Māori history, tales of early settlers and information on the species that call the park home, all while listening out for the distinctive kiii-weee of neighbourhood kiwi. Even if the birds don't make an appearance (about a 50/50 chance), there's more than enough weird and wonderful things to discover. Spot wētā, long-finned eels and glowworms in the inky night. The tours must be booked in advance, and are subject to the weather/conditions. Guests of the holiday park and one-off visitors are all welcome. A shuttle is provided for those not keen to drive the gravel road. Trounson Kauri Park is adjacent to a small DOC campground. Book in advance via