Good Life



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The buy-local/wholefoods/mindful-buying wave has swept upriver and reached the banks of Dargaville. Good Life is all about it, offering bits and pieces that make the world that little bit better. Cronuts to brighten Thursday morning, bulk-buy basics to fill the pantry, a bunch of flowers just because — shoppers will find it all in Helen Cairns' shop. Good Life started as a range of goats' milk soaps. Helen was looking for an excuse to keep a few goats (now 32) and found her handmade creations were popular at the local market. Her market stall has transformed into a large Dargaville store, selling everything from fruit and veggies to loose-leaf teas and fancy cheeses, local and imported. Good Life is styled after a traditional general store, perhaps a throwback to Helen's Manchester heritage. She moved here with partner Andrew a few years ago. “We felt there was no room to breathe in Manchester — our acres here feel like paradise. We're so well-supported in Dargaville, the shop is something new and different to people and feels like a community shop.” 98 Victoria Street, Dargaville. (09) 439 7654,