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New Zealand Sotheby’s Hawke’s Bay Marathon, 15 May. Q: What’s an innovative way to make people run? A: Set the finish line at a beautiful winery. The annual Hawke’s Bay International Marathon covers either 42km, 21km or 10km of relatively flat terrain, with the fit rewarded with food and wine at Elephant Hill Winery. hawkesbaymarathon.co.nz Edible Fashion Awards, Hastings, mid-year. These awards, run by the Hastings Art and Culture Trust, are one of the quirkier events on the Hawke’s Bay calendar. Like an edible version of W.O.W, they play to Hastings’ strengths in food and the arts. The 2019 winner’s entry was made of crayfish and mushroom skins. ediblefashionawards.co.nz F.A.W.C.!, Winter Festival, June and July, summer festival 5-14 November, venues across Hawke’s Bay. The Food and Wine Classic, also known as F.A.W.C.!, celebrates everything delicious about the region — and that’s no mean feat. Each of the festivals hosts events ranging from dégustation dinners to hands-on cooking classes, long lunches and street food. fawc.co.nz Walk of Wonders, July or August, Black Barn Vineyards. Go with the glow at this light festival, featuring nighttime art installations accompanied by music and local food and beverages. The inaugural 2020 event was held at Black Barn Vineyards from 8-22 November but will return midyear in 2021. On Facebook.