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Ouch! Whoever gave the name “Mother in Law” to the bitter, acidic variety of heritage apples often used in cider-making must have had an axe to grind. But in defence of all the mother-in-laws of Aotearoa, these apples produce some delicious cider. MIL is just one of the heritage cider apples grown and juiced by the Zeffer Cider Co to create its award-winning ciders. Head cider-maker Jody Scott is another former winemaker challenging New Zealanders to drink something new. “If you asked someone to name a few different types of wine, even if they weren't wine drinkers, they could probably reel off chardonnay or pinot noir. People often think a cider is a cider, but actually, there are sweet and dry ciders or traditional method — and flavours that come from different apples. It's my job to show them that variety.” Visitors to the family-friendly cidery can sit under the umbrellas or kick a ball about near the apple orchard while taking turns sipping ciders from a paddle. The Apple Crumble Infused Cider is a must-try. The cinnamon and vanilla-flavoured cider was a bit of an experiment that Jody served up at a beer festival. The beverage won the People's Choice award at that festival, and soon the cidery was swamped with orders. “It's not an easy cider to make, but I didn't worry about it at the time as I never thought I'd make another batch. Bars were demanding we make it so now it's permanently on the menu.” 1747 Korokipo Road, Fernhill. (06) 650 1836, zeffer.co.nz