Rathmoy Lodge



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The most challenging question upon arriving at Rathmoy Lodge is, “Which firepit shall we light to toast marshmallows? The one by the riverside outdoor bar? The one slightly downriver from that? The one up by the lodge? Or the massive fire in the dining room?” Other than that testing choice, a stay at Rathmoy Lodge is as easy and comfortable as any. It feels like the middle of nowhere, but Hunterville is only 10 minutes away. Owned by Mark and Andrea Grace, the lodge was built by Mark's uncle and moved to the site in 2006. The couple lives offsite but Mark, who has traveled widely, and Andrea who is Argentinian, love meeting guests and chatting about places they have visited. Also, Mark's family has farmed in the area since 1935 so he knows the Rangitīkei as his backyard. The two-storey building can sleep up to 12, with some sharing in the upstairs bedroom. The fully kitted-out kitchen means guests need to bring only food (don't forget marshmallows). There's plenty to do, including farm tours, archery, cricket on the proper pitch in front of the lodge, pétanque and clay-bird (skeet) shooting — even pheasant shooting (watch out for the delightful birds on the driveway). Or, guests are welcome just to relax and enjoy the babble of the river and the la-da-doodle of the magpies. 347 Cooks Road, Hunterville. 021 288 1873, rathmoy.co.nz