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The story of Jens Hansen begins more than 40 years ago. The Dane brought his family to New Zealand and immediately began producing jewelery of great variety, quality and beauty. From engagement rings to bracelets, pendants and brooches, Jens Hansen has a tradition of contemporary lines and sculptural elegance. This style led the company into the arms of the Lord of the Rings; its claim to movie fame is being the jeweler responsible for creating the One Ring that Frodo must destroy to save Middle Earth. The eventual ring was chosen from 15 prototypes in various weights and finishes. Jens and his son Thorkild then made the piece to multiple scales for different scenes. While most think of “One Ring”, there were more than 40 different rings required. When Jens died, his sons Thorkild and Halfdan took over the workshop and are continuing their father's legacy. 320 Trafalgar Square. (03) 548 0640,