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Drive a little further than Kaikōura Peninsula to Ōhau Point to see another seal colony from a different perspective. The coastal stop, 20 minutes north of Kaikōura, was once a mustdo in the region. Before the earthquake, visitors scrambled along a track to Ōhau Waterfall to ooh and aah as seal pups played in their secret watering hole. Although the track was destroyed in the quake, a car park overlooking the colony opened to the public in 2018. And once again visitors were able to exclaim in wonder. Hundreds of seals can be observed on the outcrop below the car park, sometimes in piles of two or three. Crevices on the rocky bank have formed shallow pools for the seals to play in — look closely to find them splishing and splashing with as much delight as the onlookers above them. The lookout point is 27km north of Kaikōura on SH1 with 20 car parks available.