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While warm-blooded creatures may hog most of the attention at sea, the pelagic birds that linger near the coastline are equally incredible. Who knew that a look into the deep-set eyes of an albatross could be so awe-inspiring? All it takes is a 15-minute boat ride (and a bucketful of fish) and wildlife lovers get to meet the sea birds that rule these coastal skies. The skipper uses chum, or fish bits, to attract great albatross, petrels, shearwaters and terns towards the boat. Local birds are well acquainted with this morning and afternoon ritual; it's one that they squawk and quibble over with delight. The two-hour (overall) journey is narrated by a knowledgeable guide — very useful when trying to identify individual birds during a flurry of action. It's an intimate trip with a maximum of 13 passengers, making it easy to get the perfect photograph. 96 Esplanade, Kaikōura. 0800 733 365,