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It's hard to go past a burger bar named for the loyal border collie who did sheep rustler James McKenzie's bidding and inspired softness in this otherwise obstinate man. A court reporter attending James's 1855 trial for sheep theft wrote this account: “The accused remained silent and refused to plead until his dog, Friday, was brought into the court. Recognizing her master, she tried to whine and claw her way to him. At this point, McKenzie's tough-man demeanour disintegrated. ‘Eh, lassie! Poor lassie. They've got you too!” he cried.'” James pleaded to the court: “Leave me the poor beastie! I'll make your roads; I'll break your stone; I'll call myself thief, but let her stay. She'll work for me, will never lift sheep more, only let me keep her.” Our Dog Friday tips its hat to this local man + dog legend, promising “criminally good” burgers (both meaty and vegetarian) with monikers like Good Friday (the locals' favourite), The Rustler, Rebellious, Heist, Hooked, Red-handed, Cooped Up and Pardoned. Owned and operated by YHA New Zealand, Our Dog Friday is carbon-zero and not-for-profit. Criminally good and principled, then. 5 Motuariki Lane, Lake Tekapo. (03) 680 6202, ourdogfriday.co.nz