The Hermitage Hotel



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The Hermitage Hotel is the venerable old dame of early tourism. It's also phoenix-esque in its resilience. The original 12-bed cob hotel, built in 1884, was walloped by a swollen Muller River in 1913. Fortunately, a new Hermitage was already under construction, but although it escaped the flood on that occasion, it was destroyed by fire in 1957. The third Hermitage rose up the following year and has had no further run-ins with nature. In the 1950s, it came under the control of the Government Tourist Hotel Corporation, the mission of which was to ensure that there were hotels glamorous enough for international visitors. Ninety years ago, the hotel's tagline was, “Thousands of feet above worry level.” Nothing has changed on that front. The place still has that rarefied alpine air and its premium rooms throw their windows towards the Hooker Valley and Aoraki/Mt Cook, with views so iconic they look painted on. 89 Terrace Road, Aoraki/Mt Cook National Park. (03) 435 1809,