Himatangi Beach to Foxton Beach

Getting sand between the toes is almost unavoidable in this part of the country. With a good 20km of coast from which to choose — from Hōkio Beach in the south to Himatangi Beach in the north — it's unforgivable not to walk on the sand. (At the very least enjoy one of the coast's famous sunsets.) The length of a beach stroll is restricted only by time — or one's wading capacities — but a highly recommended walk is between Foxton and Himatangi Beaches. It is 10km one way, so commit to walking the equivalent of a half-marathon or arrange a pick-up (followed by an ice cream from the Himatangi Beach Store at 2 Hunia Terrace or the Ocean Beach Eatery's ice cream parlour at 52 Signal Street, Foxton Beach). While the beach doesn't change a lot, there's more than enough action with fishers, walkers, dogs, cyclists, runners, quadbikes, horses, driftwood — often piled in sculptures — or potential bonfires (banned, depending on the season), and always with Kāpiti Island greyed out in the distance.





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